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Newton's Pendulum

Championing enlightening ideas in STEM and philosophy through socially impactful media.

We are the enlightenment 2.0.

We are thinkers and doers.  We are a team of leaders, writers, scholars, researchers, teachers, and technologists who understand the power of science and ideas.

We promote new ideas, research, and literature in the field of philosophy, emerging technology, and science, and shed light on their impacts to modern society.  We are science communicators.

Using publishing, online media and community, and speaker events, we help free-thinkers with important ideas—free-thinkers whose work is well researched, fact based, and agenda-free—reach the most influential and largest possible audiences. 

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We enter with a (big) AI bang.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere—it’s in our houses and phones and cars. AI makes decisions about what we should buy, watch, and read, and it won’t be long before AI’s in our hospitals, combing through our records. Maybe soon it will even be deciding who’s innocent, and who goes to jail . . .


But most of us don't understand how AI works. We hardly know what it is. 

In Is the Algorithm Plotting Against Us?, AI expert Kenneth Wenger deftly explains the complexity at AI’s heart, demonstrating its potential and exposing its shortfalls. Wenger empowers readers to answer the question—What exactly is AI?—at a time when its hold on tech, society, and our imagination is only getting stronger.


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