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Working Fires Foundation has one clear aim: communicating complex and avant-garde scientific ideas, simply.  We do this by empowering would-be authors from various mathematical, scientific, and philosophical fields—helping nascent talent discover their voices and amplifying them to a broader public.

While we are currently focused on publishing, we are in the process of building education and event initiatives.  Future endeavors include high school scholarship competitions, symposiums, graphic novels, and nationally-recognized panels of experts.

We are currently seeking authors! 
  • You: an engineer, a philosopher, a mathematician, physicist, or computer scientist.  The brains behind the company, the thinker in the tower, or the tinkerer who invents. 
  • ​Us: the pathway toward giving your ideas voice—helping you to inspire a younger generation and elevate the public discourse.


Want to get involved in some way?  Reach out here.

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