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Bring out the best writer in you.

If you have a high school degree, you know how to write.  But how many of us know how to write so that people will keep reading?  How many of us can write compelling and engaging sentences—let alone whole books!  We help writers create work that pulls readers from beginning to end.

Have you ever started reading a book and your eyes glossed over?  Have you ever clicked out of an article after just one paragraph?


In an age saturated with college degrees and internet writing, it’s tempting to think that everyone and anyone can write.  And while, yes, most people can write to express their ideas, how many convey those ideas in a manner that keeps readers interested?  How many can write in a way that actually moves their readers?  


We work with writers to bring their writing from information dumps to compelling narratives.  From unconnected abstract ideas to grab-you-by-the-jugular prose, pulling readers from one idea to the next.

Whether you have a manuscript and are getting publisher rejections, or you don’t even know where to start, we’ll work with you to help craft works that leave readers wanting more.


We have decades of experience working with writers of all caliber.  From amateur hobbyists to professionals, our writers have run the gamut.  We’ve worked with each—individually and carefully—to make sure their writing is compelling, no matter who their intended audience is.

We offer developmental editing and writing coaching at an hourly rate of $75–100/hour, depending on the scope of the project / length of commitment.

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If you’re interested in our developmental editing / writing coaching, drop us a line below.  Be sure to give us a writing sample and to let us know your genre (popular science, literary nonfiction, etc.) and what you’re working on (articles, book, etc.).  


Not sure if you want to work with us?  Our first hour is free.

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