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Is the algorithm plotting against us?  Tell us what you think.

With the fast advancing of AI, we want young adults' take on artificial intelligence.


We've opened the contest to all forms of expression (essays, videos, songs!) that address the issue: What effect will AI have on humanity? Is AI becoming conscious? Should we embrace it? Could we suppress it?


We want to read your analysis, see your interpretations, and hear your thoughts. Respond to Ken's book, or take the topic in a whole new direction! 

Must be . . . 

  • no greater than 3,000 words, 15 MB (image), 4 GB (video), 50 MB (audio)

  • age 14-24 at time of submission

  • submitted by 3/1/2024

Read the full rules and regulations here.

Which division are you applying to? (Age at time of submission.)
We aspire to publish a diversity of writers and artists. Please tell us your race/ethnicity. (This information is requested but not required.)
Please tell us your gender. (This information is requested but not required.)
Upload written submision
Upload image submisson
Upload video submission
Upload audio submission
Upload Consent Form

Thanks for submitting!  We will be in touch soon.

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