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Why Kenneth Wenger Wrote ITAPAU

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Here's a little from Kenneth Wenger on why he wrote Is the Algorithm Plotting Against Us? (ITAPAU). We think what his mind produces is remarkable, and the way it comes from his heart sets him apart. He embodies the best of #sciencecommunication.

Kenneth Wenger signing the first copies of the book!
Kenneth Wenger signing the first copies of the book!


I am very excited to announce that my new book, Is the Algorithm Plotting Against Us, has been published! The launch has been set for February so please stay tuned!

The reason I wrote the book, is that I wanted to make AI—along with the beauty and elegance in the math and ideas that make it all possible—accessible to everyone.

You can walk into an art gallery and enjoy a painting, be moved by it, without being an artist or really understanding the intricacies of the brushstrokes. There is a lot of beauty and elegance in science, but it's often locked away, and accessible only to those studying it. My hope is to unlock the interesting bits of AI and neural networks for all to appreciate. I also find that there is a lot of fear and mistrust of AI, but very little understanding. This means that we often guard against outcomes of very low probability, while remaining vulnerable to risks and real AI-driven problems that no one discusses. The first part of the book is about discovering AI, its history, and how it works. The second half is about discussing immediate risks we face, and what we can do about it. I hope you enjoy the read. I'd like to thank my publisher, Working Fires Foundation, my colleagues at CoreAVI, my colleagues at TMU's AI2 Lab and Dr. Alireza Sadeghian. I'd also like to thank my editor, Matthew Perez. Thanks also to Damian Fozard for all the great help. #ITAPAU #ai #technology #futurism #publishing #artificialintelligence #TMU #AI2 #science #scienceandtechnology

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