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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Where Science Communication Becomes Scientific Debate

Hello, world! We started this blog to give our authors and contributors a chance to put their new ideas into the forge and see what emerges. And to give our readers the opportunity to interact with our writers!

Discuss with them. Debate with them. Interrogate their ideas. Keep the inquiry going!

If your comments are compelling, we may invite you to join us as a guest poster. Or just contact us if you'd like to respond in a post rather than a comment (subject to editorial approval).

Kenneth Wenger, on Consciousness

Please keep your eye out for our first author post, coming soon from (appropriately) our first author, Kenneth Wenger. We are thrilled to be publishing Ken's first book, Is the Algorithm Plotting Against Us?, which launches in mid-February 2023. Researcher and science communicator extraordinaire, Ken will start us off with a series of thought-provoking pieces on a hot topic in the world of artificial intelligence: consciousness.

On the Power of Not Knowing

As Yuval Noah Harari has so eloquently stated: "The willingness to admit ignorance has made modern science more dynamic, supple and inquisitive than any previous tradition of knowledge."

We and our authors embrace rigorous debate, especially concerning topics we've published on. We know that ours is not the last word. Nothing excites us more than having other science communicators question, contradict, or dispute our ideas, in the spirit of fruitful exchange.

We can't wait to hear your thoughts. Contact us and subscribe to our email list, so you don't miss a thing!

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